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y people spend time

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Years can wash white sadness, time can wear youth, but for some people, the preference and complex of something can not be given up. In addition to work and study, personal hobbies are changing our mind and face more and more profoundly. Tao Xingzhi said: "There are talents in life and earth, some people love flowers, birds and fish, some people love to read and read newspapers Marlboro Red, and some people love to play "mahjong". There is a legend about "mahjong". The person named Wan Bingzhen invented the Wanzi, the cake and the sliver with his own name to commemorate the Liangshan hero. The base number is 108 cards, which is a metaphor for Liangshan 108 heroes. Considering that Liangshan heroes are from the East Cigarettes For Sale, West, and North, respectively. In one orientation, four more cards in the north and south of the thing were added. But there is also Nan Huaiqi��s inventor about the mahjong��s inscription, Li Qingzhao, a female poet in the Song Dynasty. There is also Hu Shizhi��s inscription on the mahjong��s inventor��s ��Zheng He�� in the Ming Dynasty; but ordinary people are not concerned with ��mahjong��. "How come, just care about how the "mahjong" is played. The people who will fight will only care about the "war situation" scores, and will not play the tuition fees. The internship will also be a few times. Feng Zikai said that the Chinese love to eat melon seeds, in the "grid, ��", "," In the voice, time is spent, and there are mahjong in places where there are Chinese people all over the world. Why are Chinese people not spending time in the ramie voices of "��, ž" and "����"? Although the times are different, the way people spend time is diversified, such as traveling to Lijiang, drinking coffee, drinking tea, watching TV, playing video games, etc. Of course, mahjong is still the most enduring fun theme of time. When you inadvertently walk into the small courtyard of the house, especially in the summer, you often see the carport, the corners of the street, etc. Some old people who are retired at home are surrounded by "mahjong" tables, who participate in actual combat, and also have to worry about watch. In particular, walking in the corridor, I do not know from which window or corner, the sound of ramie shuffling, the sound of the ear is not for those who do not understand mahjong, it is still "a thousand sticks and drums reminder" Raindrops, but for Ma You, I heard the beautiful rhythm of the pearls. I often see it in the party banquet. There are not a few words about the chat. If I am not careful, the theme of "Mahjong" will prevail. When a head is opened, it will be unstoppable, full of laughter and excitement. When the wine cellar was booming, the men forgot the gentleman's demeanor, used gestures to match the language, and talked about the fun of the altar. When it comes to the wonderful place, the chopsticks are used to tap the table from time to time; the ladies ignore the gentle and elegant restraint. With a pointed neck and a high-pitched voice, the corridor is full of lively joy. Chairman Mao Zedong once said: China has three major contributions to the world, one is Chinese medicine; the other is Cao Xueqin's "Dream of Red Mansions"; The third is the mahjong card. It can be seen that he has a high evaluation of mahjong. He believes that there is a philosophy in playing mahjong, which can understand the relationship between contingency and inevitability; there is also dialectics. The magic of "Mahjong" lies in fairness and irritability. The fairness is that the number of cards is equal and the chances are equal Online Cigarettes. There is no high or low
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