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t not admit it this time. It must be my father, because I heard the crisp sound of the paper bag hanging on the handlebar. Still, I dare not call Dad freely. I carefully walked forward: "Hey! It��s really a daddy! Is there a cookie?" I am happy, my father untied the paper bag hanging on the handlebar. Handed it to me: "Give you two pounds of biscuits, enter the house and the younger brother! Everyone has a pack, not a lot of greed. I ran into the house and greeted the younger brother Wholesale Cigarettes, and the younger brothers each had a pack. The younger brother ate Something Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and then wrapped in paper bags, placed in the most eye-catching place, so that he can see, you can feel at ease, you can sleep well, I know. As for the weight of this biscuit, I have tossed up for one night, it is called a pound of biscuits! For me, it is a lot of things! In the bed, I picked up the bed, filled it, counted back and forth, as many pieces, I have forgotten it. Repeatedly piled up Newport 100S, coded, placed four grids, set the house, all kinds of formations are great, really, I forgot to eat, hey! Not forgot to eat, is not willing Eat, take it up in the corner of your mouth, smell it, then let go, I have a good heart, it is mine. No hurry, some are Enjoy it slowly. A naughty kitten can't catch a mouse. It's not eager to eat it. It's play, play enough, and taste. I play like a happy kitten. It was very late at night, the moon climbed over the treetops, and my father and mother saw that I was more happy when I saw my joy. Then I smiled and said, "How good is the small age!" Carefree and happy life. "Don't look at my very young age, my speech is very fulfilling. I greet my child, give her a biscuit, and this biscuit, and she is bigger, and promises me to skip the rope and shoebox. Tell me: "The word "borrowing" is not allowed in the future. "I also told her that after the biscuits are there, I just eat it. I really tasted the sweetness and often encouraged my father: Spring is coming, see who has a new house? Dad pointed at my nose and said, "How come you squat?" What? "I didn't say anything after I said it. I seemed to have a word and swallowed it back. At that time, I didn't dare to make him angry. I took the little hand to my mouth and licked my fingers to avoid him! Decades passed. I never doubted the origin of the two pounds of biscuits. Once I went home, my mother asked me: Hungry? Yesterday I bought a biscuit and took a bite. I will cook for you right away. I didn��t mean to make my mother angry, I Said, now who eats the biscuits of the dry bar, I will be hungry for a while to buy the relationship. I did not hear the mother��s response after saying this, I took a look at her with the eyes of the eye and saw her unhappy look. Then say me: "You are so arrogant, this good thing you don't eat? There must be one of you starving in the rice heap. "The mother went on to say: Of course, you are not rare now. You forgot that when your father gave someone a new house, he took back two pounds of biscuits. That is the money that the owner gave to your father for two dollars. Go to the company to buy it." Two pounds of biscuits, when the house was on the beam, there were too many children in the yard, waiting to grab the biscuits. How could your father go to his pocket? The time was poor and you could not let you down. You have been waiting for a day. If you wait for your father to come back empty-handed, you can't cry because of the faintness of the sky. I am really crying because of your troubles. I cried and sucked. I know the truth, my father has already After leaving this sentence, I feel that the word "father" is in such a position that I am so important in my mind. Father, it is so respectable and respectable. I know, my father brought my uninformed lies to me. In the paradise, I ate the biscuits of my little grandson. I thought a lot, many. I choked and shed tears.
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